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Air cooler remote controller

Introducing our state-of-the-art air cooler remote controller: experience ultimate comfort and control at your fingertips.

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Atta Chkki Controller

precision device optimizing flour milling processes. Elevate production efficiency with customizable grinding settings and advanced technology, ensuring top-quality output for your manufacturing needs.

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Why to use Touch Cool remote in aircooler?

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Electric Harazd Protection

For making long life of air cooler motor and pump.

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Tired of getting Bad smell from Air coolers?​

Our system which makes Air cooler Bacteria free, Protect cooling pad from salt and makes air cooler fresh from bad smell.

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Why our remote controller perfect for your Air Cooler?

`Touch cool’ air cooler controlling system gives you best comfort, convenience, safety and save energy & water. This gives long life to your air cooler. Multi colour and motion character display gives user friendly and premium look to
your air cooler

Smart features like pre cool sleep timer and humidity control can give you extra ordinary comfort. To maintain the consistent quality and reliability of product we are using globally reputed brand components.

5 years of service support.

The Touch Cool Dimensions

JMV ELECTRONICS`S Touch Cool controlling system for air coolers, brings into your life the luxuries that make your living modern, elegant and sophisticated. Using the latest developments in technology, this air cooler controlling system adds many dimensions to your air cooler.


The Touch Cool air cooler remote controller offers a range of comfort features to enhance the user experience. With eleven steps of fan speed control, users can customize the airflow according to their preferences. The four-step humidity control ensures comfortable cooling in the room, while the pre-cool function facilitates instant cooling when the fan is on. The auto shutoff feature not only provides fresh air but also contributes to the longevity of the cooling pad. Additionally, the controller incorporates a water alarm without a sensor, which requires TOP pump base, alerting users when water gets empty in air cooler and ensuring optimal functionality. Together, these features make the Touch Cool remote controller a comprehensive tool for efficient and personalized air cooling.


The Touch Cool air cooler remote controller incorporates energy-saving features that contribute to both environmental and cost efficiency. With a focus on sustainability, the controller’s functions are designed to optimize energy and water usage. The Sleep Timer ensures uninterrupted, comfortable sleep while actively conserving energy. The ON/OFF programmable Timer adds intelligence to the system, allowing users to schedule the air cooler for specific ON or OFF times, resulting in further energy savings. Additionally, the humidity control feature enables users to set the desired humidity level with pump cyclic timer, enhancing energy efficiency by aligning the cooler’s performance with personalized comfort preferences. Altogether, these energy-saving attributes make the Touch Cool remote controller a conscious and efficient choice for users seeking both comfort and environmental responsibility.


The Touch Cool air cooler remote controller boasts a range of convenience features designed to provide users with a seamless and user-friendly experience. The base unit’s full-function display presents all relevant information at a glance, complemented by an feather touch control system that grants easy access to various functions. The bright and colorful display, enhanced with motion characters, not only adds an aesthetic touch but also ensures user-friendliness. With multiple display options, including LED, LCD, and LED MODULE, the air cooler achieves an elegant appearance. Users can conveniently control the overall system and cooling functions with the option for both base and remote unit ON/OFF capabilities. The flexibility extends to individual cooling ON/OFF settings, airflow direction adjustments through Swing ON/OFF, and the comprehensive control offered by the full-function remote. This integration of features ensures unparalleled convenience, putting control and comfort effortlessly at the user’s fingertips.


The Touch Cool air cooler remote controller is equipped with robust protection features, ensuring the longevity and safety of the device. The pump overload protection safeguards the pump from overload conditions, preventing potential damage. Employing zero-cross switching, the controller adds an extra layer of protection for the fan, pump, and swing by switching at zero-cross points. The line monitoring system actively protects the air cooler during unstable line voltage situations or in loose connection. Furthermore, the protection against fast key operations shields the fan, pump, and swing from harm due to instant switching, enhancing the overall durability and reliability of the Touch Cool air cooler remote controller. These comprehensive protection features collectively contribute to a secure and resilient cooling system, providing users with peace of mind and ensuring the efficient performance of the air cooler in various conditions.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of innovative and reliable electronic products, delivering exceptional quality and performance.

30 Years experience in electronics field

We have In house R&D setup

Can customize the product as per OEM

Quality assure product

Protect air cooler from electric hazards

Line Monitoring

`Touch cool’ Air cooler controlling system continuously monitor Line voltage. If Line voltage is not stable controller will not allow to start air cooler so FAN, PUMP and SWING motors will ON at stable line voltage and not face any electrical Jerk and high inrush current.

Zero cross detection

The advantage of zero-cross triggering in electronic circuits is that it helps reduce electrical noise, minimize power surges, and enhance the overall efficiency and performance of the circuit by synchronizing the switching of components with the zero-crossing points of the AC power waveform.

Overload protection for pump

Overload protection for pump in air coolers is safeguards the pump and electronic components from damage caused by excessive current, ensuring the longevity and reliable performance of the air cooler.

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Unleash the ultimate air cooling experience with the Touch Cool Platinum, a premium touch model that boasts cutting-edge features, an immersive multi-color motion character display, and control at your fingertips.

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